Child Study Team

Last Updated: 4/8/2020 11:21 AM

The child study team (CST) is a multidisciplinary team of personnel who are responsible for identifying children who have educational disabilities. Our goal is to identify and provide appropriate services for children with an identified educational disability. The child study team develops educational programs and support services for children with educational disabilities. The child study team consists of a school psychologist, learning disability teacher consultant (LDT/C), social worker and where appropriate, speech/language specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist.

The child study team’s primary function is to evaluate and design appropriate programs for children experiencing learning and /or behavioral difficulties which impact their education. If a child is found eligible for special education an Individual Educational Program (IEP) is designed. The IEP team which includes the parent(s) of the child, classroom teachers, and the CST work together to develop an IEP based on the educational needs of each child.

For more information please call 609-296-2858, option 6.


 Brianna Gibaldi - Child Study Team Coordinator
 Contact - 609.296.2858 x6

 Samantha Medica - Occupational Therapy

 Melanie Cudnik - Speech Therapy


Evdoxia Szczotka - SpeechTherapy