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About Us

The Tuckerton Board of Education is committed to maintaining a small, neighborhood school where the children are all known by his or her name, not a number. Each student is constantly encouraged to do their best. The Board of Education's commitment to maintaining a low pupil/teacher ratio enhances the teacher's efforts in addressing individual student differences and needs.

  • Review/audit policy and regulations to ensure all are up to date with aligned practices and protocols

  • Enhance community engagement and support of the District by promoting its positive attributes, maintaining open lines of communication, and encouraging parent and community member involvement.

  • Promote the wellbeing of our school, the board will ensure the superintendent has the resources necessary to continue and/or enhance practices and/or programs that promote the social, mental, and emotional health of district staff and students

District Goals

Goal 1: Continue to strengthen and support staff and student wellness through SEL instructional policies and practices for students to become adaptable, confident citizens who embody self-awareness and strong interpersonal skills, capable of responsible decision-making and managing their emotions and behaviors. Expand such support to staff as well to encourage overall wellness and capacity.

Goal 2: Develop and strengthen partnerships and cultivate relationships with all school-community stakeholders through effective communication, collaboration, volunteer opportunities, and engagement events.

Goal 3: Foster a learning environment in which every student has the maximum opportunity to achieve academic success which promotes student growth by providing a safe, equitable, and student-centered learning environment that offers the proper balance of nurture and academic rigor.

Board Members

Siobhan Grayson - Superintendent/Principal

Marian Smith - Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Brett E.J. Gorman - Board Attorney

Trisha Horner - Board President

David Colapietro - Vice President

Fred Everson

Renee Gioiello

Deborah McMunn

T.J. Page

Justin Way