School Security Drills

  • In accordance with N.J.S. 18A:41-1 the Tuckerton Borough District’s Emergency Procedure
    Plan requires that all staff and students to be trained in specific drills. For safety reasons,
    students are expected to follow the teacher’s instructions at all times. If needed, students
    are to exit the classroom in a single line, refrain from conversation, use assigned exits and
    report to the assigned outdoor area.

    As part of our ongoing effort to keep our children and staff safe, we are required to hold a
    minimum of two of each of the following security drills during the academic year:

    ● Active shooter
    ● Evacuation (non- fire)
    ● Bomb threat
    ● Lockdown

    Examples of other types of security drills:

    ● Shelter-in-place
    ● Reverse evacuation
    ● Evacuation to an offsite location
    ● Testing of school’s notification system and procedures
    ● Testing of school’s communication system and procedures
    ● Tabletop exercise
    ● Full scale exercise

    For more information you can visit our state’s website: